Our Goals

We have a lot of ambitious goals we want to reach, both long-term and short-term.

Here are the main ones:

  1. Provide the best post-secondary mathematics learning materials on the planet.
  2. Provide zero-cost post-secondary level education for everyone (without Ads).
  3. Provide content creators passionate about creating high-quality education materials with a means for earning a living.

Our Values

We've selected our specific values because we think they help us be better people and build better products than we otherwise would have.


Tell the truth. Be honest. This goes from feedback meetings, to reports, to talking with others over a cup of coffee.


Never assume you have all the answers. Always ask, "Am I sure?" and be open to learning from others persectives and experiences.


Other people make


Do unto others and you would have them do unto you, or in other words really put yourself in the next person's shoes, understand their view and try to treat them as kind and well as you wish someone would treat you if you were in their position.


With our products, interactions with other people both internally and externally we should be spreading positiveness, joy and love.

Our Path

Our path is more of a process which has two core pillars or subcomponents.

These are:

  1. Gaming and Community - We think using gamification and building a community can maximize enjoyment and fun, and additionally, help life-long learners stay motivated and passionate.
  2. Learning Science - By building our learning software based off insights gained from the latest research in the learning sciences, we think we can optimize the learning experience to maximize acquired knowledge and skills and minimize time required to attain them.