Our Vision

The vision for QuantU is to provide the world's best learning platform for life-long learners.

We are primarly focused on the quantitative disciplines and sciences, especially mathematics. Right now, mainly due to limited resources, we are focusing exclusively on mathematics, but given enough community support and involvement we would love to eventually be able to expand to close scientific fields such as physics, finance or computer science and perhaps one day even further.

Central to our learning philosophy is the idea of life-long learning. We believe that not only in order to succeed in the 21st century, but simply to be able to explore and enjoy the beauty of knowledge in the universe, learning is something that should not be done once in high school or university, and then left to be forgotten, but rather something that each individual does on a daily basis, slowly increasing their understanding of the world, improving their skills, and enhancing their ability to navigate complex problems they encounter.

A further pillar in our vision is research backed optimized learning that is, learning done in such a way that you forget as little as possible and waste as little time as possible while gaining deep understanding. Learning should build knowledge and understanding that becomes integrated with your abilities such that you can apply whatever you have learned to your own projects, research or other endeavors in the real-world.

Learning should also be fun and enjoyable, like playing sports or video games or music.

We want to build a community of like-minded people who love learning and creating high quality learning content and we want to be able to provide life-long learners across the globe with affordable and easy access to these educational resources while simultaneously providing incredible content creators with a means for sustaining themselves while doing what they love.

To be honest, right now we don't know how the monetary machinary can best work with our ideas. We know we need funds, in-so-far as it enables us to build a better product and dedicate more resources and time to it. Beyond this, our only goals are to build a transparent and distributed organization such that QuantU revenues are community owned and equitably distributed in the form of increases in earnings for creators and as cheaper prices for life-long learners across the globe.

These are our goals for the moment and we ask that you join us not only in achieving them, but in shaping their evolution into the future.